[ASA-Official] ASA CPW Midway Table Assignments and Performance Schedule

Christine Chen chen_c at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 18 02:50:14 EDT 2012

Dear Student Group Officers,

Table assignments and the performance schedule for the CPW Midway on
Saturday, April 21st, from 1-3 pm are now available on the ASA homepage
along with the floor plan. 

Table Assignments & Performance Schedule:

Map:  <http://mit.edu/asa/publicity/cpwmidway2012.pdf>
http://mit.edu/asa/publicity/cpwmidway2012.pdf (booths in lobby and #1-86
will have power)

*NEW* Check-In Procedure:
Groups will be checking in using their group ID #. These ID #'s can be found
as part of your database entry ( <about:blank> http://asa.mit.edu). Please
bring a printout of your database entry (or some other piece of paper with
the ID #) and hand it to an ASA board member as you come in for set-up. We
hope that this will help to streamline and speed up the check-in process for
all groups.

For groups with performances:
To help streamline the performance schedule on Saturday, please send us your
music files if applicable in mp3 format by Thursday April 19th at 11:59 pm.

Please note the following:

1.    Check-in will begin at 12:00 PM. Groups *must* check-in by 12:45 PM or
will subsequently forfeit their space should there be a waitlist.

2.    If your group can no longer attend or perform at the Midway, please
let us know via email at  <mailto:asa-midway at mit.edu> asa-midway at mit.edu at
least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel within 24 hours will result in
a $25 fine; failure to cancel by the start of check-in will result in a $75

3.    Please remember that no external speakers may be used at the booths.
The ASA board reserves the right to request that volume be reduced or sound
turned off if it becomes a problem for neighboring groups or performances.

4.    For safety reasons, please remember to stay at or by your booth at all
times. Do not block any entrances or aisles or hand out flyers at the


Late requests: If you still have not submitted a table request but would
still like to participate in the midway, please fill out the midway request
form as soon as possible and we will place you on a waitlist should there be
cancellations or forfeitures of spaces due to late check-in. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at
<mailto:asa-midway at mit.edu> asa-midway at mit.edu

Thank you,
ASA Executive Board


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