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Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1. ASA General Body Meeting - Tuesday, 4/17 - group attendance required
2. GBM Voting Information - NEW
3. ASA Executive Board Elections Information


1. ASA General Body Meeting - Tuesday, 4/17 - group attendance required

The Spring ASA General Body Meeting will be on Tuesday 4/17 in Morss Hall,
on the first floor of Walker Memorial.  Food will start at 6:00pm and the
meeting will begin at 6:30pm.  The main agenda item will be elections for
the 2012-2013 ASA Executive Board.  Other agenda items include:
- reminders about updating group information and demonstration of the new
ASA Database
- overview of finances - logistics and funding sources
- update on Walker Memorial Assessment Team

All groups are required to send a representative to this meeting.  GBMs are
the primary way for the ASA and student groups to communicate in person and
they serve as an opportunity for groups to check-in with ASA and vice-versa.
Groups that do not send a representative may face consequences including but
not limited to warnings, fines, resource restrictions, and derecognition for
inactivity.  A single person may represent multiple groups, but they will
only have one vote. 

Note: club sports and FSILGs are excused from this meeting as they may be
represented by their respective governing organizations; however, these
groups are eligible to receive a vote if they send a representative.


2. GBM Voting Information - NEW

In accordance with the ASA Operating Guidelines, to be a voting
representative for a group an individual must be the group president or
designee.   We will be checking that an individual is listed in that group's
Database entry as President or a designee by being listed as Treasurer,
Group Admin, or GBM Proxy.  The Database can be updated at

An individual may sign in for multiple groups. Each individual will only
receive one vote, and must designate which group they will be voting for at
. Each group receives at most one vote.


3. ASA Executive Board Elections Information

At the upcoming GBM, student groups will be electing the ASA Executive Board
for 2012-2013.  This includes elections for: President, Treasurer,
Secretary, two Graduate Members-at-Large, two Undergraduate
Members-at-Large, and one Student Member-at-Large.  

Together, Board members are responsible for:
- advocacy on behalf of student groups
- allocation of resources among student groups
- oversight of student group activity (including recognition and
- student group arbitration and support
- organization of events such as the Activities Midways
- establishing and enforcing policies for student groups

Office hours focused on elections are being held by current Board members
for individuals to learn more about the different Board positions, to
discuss running in elections, and ask any questions.  The last session is
Tuesday (4/17) from 2-3:30pm in W20 PDR 3.

Candidates may submit their names, or nominations may be made by email, to
asa-elect at mit.edu before the General Body Meeting. Additionally, candidates
may announce their candidacy at the meeting or may be nominated at that
time.  Candidates that want to may submit an information/platform slide to
be shown at the meeting.  These should be sent asa-elect at mit.edu before 12pm
on the day of the meeting.  At the meeting, candidates will have two minutes
to speak and there will be time for questions from the general body.

More details about ASA Executive Board positions and elections are posted
at: <http://mit.edu/asa/about/elections.html>


Please feel free to email
asa-exec at mit.edu with any requests, questions, or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board

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