[ASA-Official] Message from SAO - Finance (please email to leadership positions)

Colin Codner cmcodner at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 26 11:09:43 EDT 2012

Hello Treasurers and Signatories of Student Organizations,

The Student Activities Office has recently received a large number of RFPs which we have been unable to process.  The cause is that they are, in one way or another, incomplete.  The top three reasons why RFPs are delayed are listed below, in no particular order.  Please review any outstanding RFPs you have submitted on behalf of your organization to determine if any are delayed and take the necessary steps to rectify this situation.  Please use the SAO website (http://studentlife.mit.edu/sao/finance) as a resource and email funds at mit.edu<mailto:funds at mit.edu> to seek assistance.  When emailing funds at mit.edu<mailto:funds at mit.edu>, please reference the cost object and RFP number in question.

1)      No/incomplete paperwork submitted to SAO

2)      Electronic RFP does not contain cost object

3)      Electronic RFP remains in students SAPweb inbox (either never sent or inadvertently recalled)

Thank you for your diligence and commitment to getting our fellow students reimbursed in a timely manner,


Colin Codner
Assistant Director of Student Activities & Finance<http://studentlife.mit.edu/sao/finance>

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building W20-549
Cambridge, MA  02139-4307

cmcodner at mit.edu<mailto:cmcodner at mit.edu>

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