[Tango-L] bad, wrong, Nuevo

Iron Logic railogic at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 29 16:39:06 EST 2008

 may be the quesiton is  it is is why we "choose" style.
  do you dance "milonguero" style because you have difficulties with movements?
  ...do you dance "neuvo" because you cant feel the music?
  the best "neuvo" dancers have roots in traditional tango, they "got" it before dancing "neuvo". Mariana Montes is great dancer, she dances traditional AND "neuvo". Her connection is not really a neuvo contribution .
  Chicho is great. Its just that some "neuvo" dancers simply copy is steps and technique, not his musicality. ...that is missing the point.
  i guess its all good, as long as its dancing ....as long as it is a genuine personal expression..

ECSEDY Áron <aron at milonga.hu> wrote:
I do not know which category belongs to which "style".

Nuevo dancers don't learn many "steps". However, I had the best 
"connection" lessons (actually, the only person of many who could really 
explain what I wanted to know about it) from a nuevo dancer (Mariana 

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