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ECSEDY Áron aron at milonga.hu
Thu Feb 28 18:33:15 EST 2008

> Yes, but in the case of many nuevo dancers, they actually are bad. Their 
> extensions and articulations are poor, they don't collect their feet between 
> steps, their posture is bad, they bounce when they dance, they watch the floor too 
> much, and they usually pay little attention to the surrounding dancers. 
> Nothing good about any of that. Sorry, still agree with Chris. 
Most of what you quoted are simply not required or at least not a 
measurement for quality in social tango. You can have a posture of a 
god, with beautiful articulation, and still give the crappiest feeling 
to your partner while dancing. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to 
dance nicely, but I do not think that this is _the_ measurement.

> <<<You should check some of the young nuevo dancers (here) in BsAs.>>>
> I have and have watched them for years but still am not impressed ... and 
> I'll be there again in a few weeks but won't be at the milongas where they are.
If you'll be in BsAs "in a few weeks" I'm assuming you are coming to 
CITA. It is going to be somewhat complicated to avoid them... CITA has a 
very strong representation of nuevo.

Also, even "traditionals" use moves and techniques invented or at least 
re-invented and popularized by nuevo teachers. I think the term "nuevo" 
in the mind of many people is slowly describing something else than it's 
original meaning. Nuevo is part of what is tango now, as it is only 
systematic (vs. choreography/copying based)  approach to teaching and - 
therefore - dancing tango. Just because it enables dancers to invent new 
things, the essence of it is "just" tango techique. Many people put an 
equasion between radical innovators (and their style) and nuevo. It only 
depends on you how you use your knowledge. If you want to do back flips, 
it is going to be the "extreme nuevo" you are talking about, if you just 
use the technique and do tango, you will not be so different from 

Nevertheless, if you take the time to check La Viruta on a weekend 
evening, you'll see that "nuevo" dancers are quite proficient in 
navigating on 0.8 sqm...


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