[Tango-L] bad nuevo

Crrtango@aol.com Crrtango at aol.com
Thu Feb 28 15:41:15 EST 2008

Aron wrote:

<<<Styles are unimportant. There is only good dancing and bad dancing.>>>

Yes, but in the case of many nuevo dancers, they actually are bad. Their 
extensions and articulations are poor, they don't collect their feet between 
steps, their posture is bad, they bounce when they dance, they watch the floor too 
much, and they usually pay little attention to the surrounding dancers. 
Nothing good about any of that. Sorry, still agree with Chris. 

<<<You should check some of the young nuevo dancers (here) in BsAs.>>>

I have and have watched them for years but still am not impressed ... and 
I'll be there again in a few weeks but won't be at the milongas where they are.


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