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nuevo = stage figures and lack of navigation skills

appears true because most European/US milongas simply have too much 
space for the dancers AND because nuevo is quite popular in these areas.

Nuevo and using a lot of space is simply two different things. Just 
because many US/European dancers prefer to learn the fancy figures 
available through nuevo it doesn't mean nuevo is bad. Just the same 
thing in the "traditional" forms: if you learn patterns and you are not 
able to take them apart, or you just use large steps (very common) then 
you are making the same mistake.

You should check some of the young nuevo dancers (here) in BsAs. They'll 
use equal to less space than most "traditionals".

Styles are unimportant. There is only good dancing and bad dancing.


Crrtango at aol.com wrote:
> David Thorn wrote in reply to Chris:
> <<  But it is entirely another thing to state baldly that
> Nuevo is per se bad dancing.  Don't you think that the ground rules of the
> milonga, the floor conditions, and the abilities of the dancers might have
> some impact?   >>
> Actually, I agree completely with Chris. That is his whole point...nuevo 
> dancers don't respect the floor condidtions and the traffic because nuevo is 
> oriented to performance steps that are too expansive for the social (meaning 
> dancing with respect to the others around you instead of expecting more room for 
> yourself) milonga environment. If they can't dance well because of the floor 
> conditions, etc., then they can't dance well.   Period.   Don't blame the crowd, 
> blame the steps. Besides, most of the people who dance nuevo are always looking 
> at their feet anyway so it is no surprise they can't navigate a crowded 
> floor.
> <<     What basis have you for stating that, with only "..a few
> exceptions", Nuevo is just bad dancing?  And what makes you state so bluntly
> that it is not social?  Don't you think that "social" also depends on the
> ground rules of the milonga, the floor conditions, and the abilities of the
> dancers?   >>>
> See first reply above.
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