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Thu Feb 28 17:28:16 EST 2008

Crrtango at aol.com wrote:

>> Actually, I agree completely with Chris. That is his whole 
>> point...nuevo
>> dancers don't respect the floor condidtions and the traffic because nuevo
>> oriented to performance steps that are too expansive for the social
>> dancing with respect to the others around you instead of expecting more
room for 
>> yourself) milonga environment.


You may have missed my point.  I occasionally dance at a milonga that is
held on a 3,000 square foot plus floor (a gymnasium) and regularly has one
or two dozen dancers.  Yes, it is a small community, and yes that is not
very intimate milonga, but the space is available and free.  It is
essentially impossible to hit anybody even with your eyes closed.  Several
of the couples dance in a nuevo style and it doesn't seem to hurt anybody.
That is what I meant by "floor conditions".  And nuevo is indeed "social" in
such an environment.

>> Besides, most of the people who dance nuevo are always looking
>> at their feet anyway so it is no surprise they can't navigate a crowded 
>> floor.

This has the appearance of a gratuitous ad hominem attack against the
dancers rather than their dancing.  I do not understand the level of
intolerance you exhibit.  I dance primarily close embrace and seem to mix
just fine with the nuevo dancers, even at the much more crowded and intimate
venue that I regularly attend.  I have very seldom (never? But my memory is
not that long) actually been run into or kicked except when I committed the
crime of passing another close embrace couple on the outside (my bad!).
Perhaps your navigation skills are not up to reacting to the sudden
appearance of a couple in the space that you were set to occupy?  Working on
your rock steps and puentes will help you manage your forward motion.


David Thorn

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