[Tango-L] FW: women as leader

Anton Stanley antonst at alidas.com.au
Thu Feb 28 17:02:45 EST 2008

Someone wrote:
"Tango is a dance between two people...Saying that masculine qualities
are required to lead in tango reminds me of people in my country who say
that only men can be bus drivers...you find out it is about the
experience of connecting with a person without uttering a word"

Well, pursuing the sentiment of the above, I guess we could dispense
with feminine qualities as well in Tango. Two non-genders dancing and
communicating without uttering a word. Any suggestions on what they
could be communicating. For some stupid reason, masculine and feminine
qualities seem to have attracted each other. Please note I have
specifically stated "qualities" rather than gender. Anyone interested in
gender roles, may find "The Tao of Tango" by Johanna Siegmann contains
some interesting theories. Honestly the ambiguities of Tango drive me to
distraction. Maybe it's back to Latin where being a guy is much more
acceptable and the dance is much more definable.


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