[Tango-L] bad nuevo tango

Tango For Her tangopeer at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 29 09:11:54 EST 2008

It seems to me that nuevo dancers don’t care about all
of your opinions.  You say they are bad dancers.  

Ha!  We are from Pluto and Pluto is not a planet to
them!  You see, on Pluto, we are conscious of finess,
passion, closeness, softness.  On Pluto, we are
conscious of the opinions of that other planetoid,
Buenos Aires.

But, they are not from Pluto.  They go to their
classes and learn patterns.  Take a young tango
community, for example.  The instructors do their best
to grow the community.  How?  Duh!  Teach them
patterns so they will keep coming back to class! 
(Young tango communities do not exist on Pluto.)

So, here they are, patterning their hearts out and
along comes nuevo.  Such energetic music!  Made for
doing those patterns faster and with more vigor! 

They look at their feet in class and they look at
their feet as they are racing to the music!  Little
boys will be little boys.  And, the instructors will
keep the little boys in class by giving them patterns
so they can show off.  

Don’t blame the women!  Because there are so many of
them, they are at the mercy of the community, the
leaders.  Funny how, when a partner is required, the
few rule!

So, there you have it.  We Plutonian dancers who know
of “good” tango (our own Plutonian definition of good)
and we spend our time talking about them thar

Hehe ... Meanwhile, them thar non-Plutonians don’t
have a complaint in the world.  To them, they are
amongst the best in their communities.  THEY can
sacada and gancho.  THEY can do patterns!  THEY are
soooo happy.  THEY are doing exactly what they were
taught!!!!  Perfection.  Satisfaction. Happiness.

Funny people, we passionate Plutonians!

Now, what was the point of this thread?

Oh, yeah ... to complain about them thar happy
non-Plutonians.  Aaaaahhh.  Now, I feel better.  I
wasted all my prescious time complaining about “The
Happy People”.  



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