[Tango-L] Posting & open discussion on Tango-

Chris, UK tl2 at chrisjj.com
Wed Feb 27 07:31:00 EST 2008

> Originally, nuevo tango was something very exciting.  We all did it 
> and worked like demons.  And loved it.  Now it is just a lot of bad 
> dancing (with a few exceptions).

Nuevo dancing was only ever a lot of bad dancing with a few exceptions. 
What's different now is that people are less excited by bad dancing.

>From the deck at Walzerlinksgestrickt last Friday I watched one of the few 
couples who are still trying to do this stuff in the crowded Berlin 
milongas. Seeing how the regular dancers formed a protective exclusion 
zone around them.


What's eliminating nuevo dancing is the simple fact that it is not social. 
It is anti-social. Hereabouts it now lives only in the artificial world of 
the workshops that teach it and the show demos a.k.a. commercials of the 
step pedlars trying to make a living from them.


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