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Yes, back entradas (some call them sacadas, but technically that is 
not correct because sacadas interrupt a turn, and these do not) can 
easily be danced in close embrace.  The technical training that is 
required for ease and grace is tremendous.

There is a huge confusion about "styles" in tango.  Some "styles" are 
nothing more than bad form, bad technique, and, on the whole, bad 
dancing.  If people want that "style", fine.  People often select a 
"style" without having the technique to build it on.  Dancing in a 
"style" without a technique is a lie, a cheap immitation of something 
that could be fabulous.  I am all for tango nuevo in good form with 
technique and a lot of training.  A good dancer should be able to 
dance in any style equally well.

Gustavo, Fabian, Chicho and some others have technique that allows 
them to have a true style, chosen by them and not by default because 
they cannot do anything else.  And they dance it and show it off only 
in performances.

Most of those who immitate them and call themselves "nuevo" dancers, 
usually do not have such technique, tend to be quite lazy in regard 
to mastering the dance in a technical sense because they cannot dance 
anything else, are usually aweful to dance with, look terrible and 
appear to be deaf, since most of the movements tend to happen outside 
of the music.

Originally, nuevo tango was something very exciting.  We all did it 
and worked like demons.  And loved it.  Now it is just a lot of bad 
dancing (with a few exceptions).



At 05:47 PM 2/22/2008, thorn-inside at hotmail.com wrote:
>tangotangotango at gmail.com wrote:
> >>The vocabulary when dancing with an embrace is infinite. Nothing is
> >>on pure technical grounds...
>Perhaps I am showing my ignorance, but I haven't seen too many back saccadas
>or colgadas led while remaining in close embrace.
> >>It is bound to offend when people who do not follow the protocols and
> >>traditions of tango insist that their dance be held in the same regard as
> >>Argentine tango. It's like Pizza Hut demanding that their food be
> >>as Italian cuisine.
>Neil - I am not intending this as a personal attack and do apologize in
>advance if it would appear to be so.  I don't know you and it is not a
>criticism of you, but rather a comment on what appears to be a common
>attitude on this list.  OTOH, I'll be the first to admit that I might simply
>have misunderstood your remarks.  But with that said:
>I find your remark to be quite insulting, bound to offend people who dance
>in any style other than whatever unspoken style it is that you consider the
>one and only true Argentine tango.  If that one true style you refer to is
>close embrace/milonguero style, then the implication is that Fabian Salas,
>Chicho, Sebastian Arce, Gustavo Naveira, Sylvina Vals and hundreds of other
>other wonderfully skilled and excellent dancers are not tango dancers, or if
>they are, they are offensive to your taste and are the dance equivalent of
>fast food.  If the one true style you are referring to is Nuevo, this is a
>similarly offensive statement.
>I don't understand the purpose of such a remark unless perhaps to shut down
>open discussion of any dance to Tango music that doesn't align with your
>personal taste.
>With apologies if I misunderstood,
>David Thorn
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