[Tango-L] What's the trick???

rhink2@netscape.net rhink2 at netscape.net
Tue Feb 26 13:54:58 EST 2008

Hello Subscribers,

I have found through instruction and experience that the leader must 
initiate the lead before he actually moves his feet.  Unlike ballroom 
where competitive dancers would be marked down if their progressive 
steps weren't synchronized, A. tango is different.

The reason for the difference is that in ballroom the leader often 
steps where the follower was (i.e. her footprint); in A. tango the 
leader may step where the follower wasn't but currently is (i.e behind 
her footprint).  Here's an example.  In doing what I call inside-out 
saccadas (right-to-right alternating with left-to-left saccadas while 
walking in line), the follower must move her left foot back before 
before I can pass through that space with my right foot.  If I fail to 
lead her to move her left foot back before I actually start moving my 
right, the space won't be clear and I'll catch her left foot as it's 
moving back.

If my partner has ballroom posture (i.e. leaning back instead of 
forward), it's impossible to do these saccadas since she won't get the 
lead in time.

So the trick is to lean forward slightly leading with the chest before 
stepping forward.  If I do that, all is well.


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