[Tango-L] Foxtrot to Tango, how do I do it?

Lois Donnay donnay at donnay.net
Mon Feb 25 11:55:19 EST 2008

I would argue that you are not "learning from the internet", but you are 
copying things you see and then asking your partners to be your teachers. 
This is a rather precarious position for them to be in, especially since it 
is likely your partner doesn't know how to lead, doesn't know that she is 
supposed to fix you, and has little experience in teaching.

So we here on the list have joined her now in the precarious position of 
trying to fix you, using only your own comments and a throwaway statement 
from a follower.  But we are the helpful sort. Let's look at some other 
things she may have meant - using my experiences of dancing with people who 
learned from videos and teaching people from the ballroom world. Perhaps the 
reason she said you are dancing foxtrot was because you are dancing figures 
instead of dancing to the music? Perhaps you are worried too much about the 
next figure you are doing, instead of the connection and the music? Perhaps 
you are not leading, but expecting your partner to know her part? Perhaps 
your embrace, connection and posture feels like that from foxtrot, not 
tango? (Most likely, I would guess) These are things that cannot easily be 
learned from videos.

Lois Donnay

>   Yes, thanks to Astrid, I realize that I am commited to learning to Tango
>   from the internet.  What could be more of a challenge?  I love it!
>   I'll let you know how I do..meanwhile, I will avidly read and consider
>  all suggestions garnered from Tango-L....How would you help this
>  hard-headed Tango baby?? 

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