[Tango-L] Foxtrot to Tango, how do I do it?

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Sun Feb 24 10:54:21 EST 2008


I didn't realise you danced Ballroom before. If so, one of the big problems 
you will have is changing your embrace and posture. Many Ballroom 
dancers spend years learning how to make a big, wide, open at the top, 
hold with a backward posture. It can be very difficult to change that habit 
to a close embrace with a forward posture. Even open embrace is very 
close when compared with Ballroom. Also, if you've learned Ballroom, 
you'll know that every dance has it's own character. You now have to 
learn how to dance the character of Argentine Tango. As others have 
said, it's not just the steps. It's the feeling that is completely different. 
Ballroom dancers often have a lot ot trouble making the change.

Keith, HK

 On Sun Feb 24 11:57 , Mario  sent:

 "Mario, you dance great
>  I love to dance with you....BUT, you are not doing Tango
>  You are doing the FOXTROT...." ...ugh, that's four 
>  saying the same thing....what should I do????

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