[Tango-L] Foxtrot to Tango, how do I do it?

Michael tangomaniac at cavtel.net
Sun Feb 24 08:40:25 EST 2008

Mario wrote: 

I will pay attention to my partner and even more attention to the music

I suggest the woman was referring to your musicality, that it is the same cadence over and over. Foxtrot is danced slow-slow-quick-quick. I doubt she was talking about figures. IMHO, it's NOT the figures that make tango the dance it is. It is the musicality and the connection. Look at your complete list (partially shown below so not to violate the posting rules.) 90% dealt with figures. I don't remember reading in my years on Tango L that women are unhappy because they weren't lead in enough figures. I remember reading about figures being led poorly and the man dancing for himself.

As for inviting women to sleep on your sofa bed, I admit I NEVER thought of that. Let me know if it works and I'll try it at the Atlanta Tango Festival April 4-7.

Washington, DC
I'd rather be dancing Argentine Tango

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I will collect and collect and collect..
I will throw a boleo and a cross
I will dance outside of them
I will invite various women from tango-L  to sleep on my sofa bed and accompany me
  to the Practicas and Milongas
I will kiss each woman after each dance (on the cheek)

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