[Tango-L] What's the trick??

Astrid astrid at ruby.plala.or.jp
Fri Feb 22 05:20:40 EST 2008

Mario wrote:
The 'center' thinggy is partly a joke because it seems that no one can 
explain that clearly...I'm finding that the women complain about my weak 
lead when they hold themselves away from me because they know I'm a newbie. 
When I finally have had enough and pull them into a close embrace, they quit 
resisting and compliment me at the end of the dance.. I am a natural dancer.
> Actually, there is nothing that Id rather do than to practice changing the 
> walks  I cannot find anyone here to practise
>  that with...they think it's weird.

Mario now has me seriously wondering what kind of a place this is where he 
is learning tango.
Mario, you have to depend on youtube and tango-l for instruction, nobody can 
explain "the center thingy" to you in a comprehensible way, so much so that 
you seem to believe it does not exist (it is actually the axis we are 
talking about here), nobody wants to practise the walk as they consider this 
an absurd waste of time apparently,  and women "hold themselves away from 
you coz they know you are a a newbie" only to give up their silly resistence 
when you force them into close embrace because you "have had enough" and 
then they make a 180 degree turn and compliment you on your skill.

Does this place really exist? I have never been to a a place like that in my 
life as a tango dancer. Maybe I have been fortunate? Or do I just look at 
things in a different way and lack the self assured thinking Mario has?


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