[Tango-L] What's the trick??

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Fri Feb 22 00:28:30 EST 2008


I completely  agree with you and YouTube in particular has a lot to answer for. I see my 
students trying weird and wonderful stuff at a practica or a milonga and, at first I used 
to think they were going to other teachers. Now I know it's always stuff they see on 
YouTube. And, when they look awful - guess who gets the [unspoken] blame from other 
dancers? The teacher. Other teachers must also experience this - so what do you do?

Keith, HK

 On Fri Feb 22 12:17 , Victor Bennetts  sent:

>Yeah, it is really helpful to be telling someone five months out to tackle *back* sacadas 
in their socks. No wonder there are so many bad dancers out there. 

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