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Victor Bennetts Victor_Bennetts at infosys.com
Thu Feb 21 23:40:23 EST 2008

Well done Sergio, you hit the nail on the head. And it looks like you don't have to have any special appreciation of music to recognise tango. This just in from my wife:
'a couple of nights ago the kids were watching a cartoon and a stylised tango came on and the characters were having a romantic moment and our son said to me "look mummy they are playing a tango"  - it was pretty amazing to me that he recognised it because it was not one that we play!'
Believe me, my son would far rather play football and cricket then listen to tango, he is constantly trying to grab my i-pod in the car and change from the tango to the rock playlist ;-).

Victor Bennetts

>I like your analysis of how we recognize a tango.

>Here's a  story. I once knew a little girl, named Lily. She and her mother
>spent a lot of time at my house when I was first learning tango. She was
>about three years old. One morning, a classical music program aired some
>music by Piazzolla, Lily looked up in surprise and said "Mommy, listen.
>They're playing a tango."

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