[Tango-L] No dancing before the music

Anton Stanley antonst at alidas.com.au
Wed Feb 20 14:40:10 EST 2008

Trini wrote:

"Most of my students start tango without knowing anything
about the music.  But by learning to move to it, most grow
to love it."

>From my experience, having not learnt to love it, they then proceed to
look for music they do like, to which they can dance Tango.
And it seems more and more non Tango music lovers, are dancing Tango to
non Tango music. Why didn't we apply a filter in the first place.
Why try so hard to make someone like Tango. Surely as in most activity,
people will do better in pursuits they like. Maybe our Tango community
has Tango Enforcers out there. Maybe it's all about money. I don't know.
I just wish people would stop trying to change Tango to appeal more to
people who don't like Tango.


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