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Maybe you mean that a front ocho figure is a good holding pattern?  Or 
did you mean that a front ocho or back ocho figure can also be over- or 
under-rotated to realign the couple's direction, to navigate around a 
couple that has stopped to execute some kind of non-progressing figure. 
  Also the milonga cross (ocho cortado).

Tom Stermitz showed some great tips a few years back on leads using 
diagonals from the line of dance, to work into empty corners and to the 
sides, to have enough space to do something more exciting than shifting 
weight in place, and to avoid traffic jams.  Unfortunately, I don't see 
many people using it in their dance (diagonals are the key navigation 
tool taught in ballroom, in travelling dances).

Of course using this to pass presupposes that room exists for a second 
lane of dance.

Tango For Her wrote:
> ( New leaders, save these!!! )
> Nice!  Here's another:
> Back when I was just past being a newbie, but still
> could only do the basic few patterns and only in one
> direction, I got some helpful advice.  There was an
> extra teacher hanging out in the room, helping here
> and there.  :o)
> This move really gave me some freedom (it's a front
> ocho to my right side):
> I am on my right foot.  My follower is on her left
> foot.  We are facing each other.  
> I pivot her so that her toes are pointing to my right
> side.
> I lead her to take a front step.
> I pivot her so that her toes are in line to step back
> in front of me.
> Yes, I am leading a front ocho.  She steps back in
> front of me.
> I pivot her so that her toes are pointing back at me,
> again.
> Done!
> You can also teach the leader to step back while she
> is stepping forward, then, step in place while she
> completes the front ocho.
> YES, new leaders are going to chicken-wing the hell
> out of that move.  YES, they are going to lead it with
> their arms rather than their body.  But, at least,
> they have the freedom to do a "cool" move without
> going anywhere!
> Hmmm, I could have written that better.  Was that
> visual enough?

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