[Tango-L] Tango-L Helping Newbies Dance in Tight Spaces

Tango For Her tangopeer at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 15:10:27 EST 2008

( New leaders, save these!!! )

Nice!  Here's another:

Back when I was just past being a newbie, but still
could only do the basic few patterns and only in one
direction, I got some helpful advice.  There was an
extra teacher hanging out in the room, helping here
and there.  :o)

This move really gave me some freedom (it's a front
ocho to my right side):

I am on my right foot.  My follower is on her left
foot.  We are facing each other.  

I pivot her so that her toes are pointing to my right

I lead her to take a front step.

I pivot her so that her toes are in line to step back
in front of me.

Yes, I am leading a front ocho.  She steps back in
front of me.

I pivot her so that her toes are pointing back at me,


You can also teach the leader to step back while she
is stepping forward, then, step in place while she
completes the front ocho.

YES, new leaders are going to chicken-wing the hell
out of that move.  YES, they are going to lead it with
their arms rather than their body.  But, at least,
they have the freedom to do a "cool" move without
going anywhere!

Hmmm, I could have written that better.  Was that
visual enough?


--- NANCY <ningle_2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> -
> Why not show them something they all already know
> how
> to do?  Remember your first dancing?  What did you
> do?
>  Well, you put your arms around the girl's waist and
> she put her arms around your shoulders and you 
> stood
> in place, rocking back and forth ( ahem......Rock
> Step!)  Tell them to use this whenever navigation
> becomes a problem.  That is certainly what the
> milongueros do.  It also helps the newbies become
> aware of where their weight and the weight of their
> partner is.  They can make a 180 turn doing little
> rock steps to see if there is an escape route out of
> a
> traffic jam and never go against the line of dance.

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