[Tango-L] Tango-L Helping Newbies Dance in Tight Spaces

NANCY ningle_2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 14:34:32 EST 2008

Why not show them something they all already know how
to do?  Remember your first dancing?  What did you do?
 Well, you put your arms around the girl's waist and 
she put her arms around your shoulders and you  stood
in place, rocking back and forth ( ahem......Rock
Step!)  Tell them to use this whenever navigation
becomes a problem.  That is certainly what the
milongueros do.  It also helps the newbies become
aware of where their weight and the weight of their
partner is.  They can make a 180 turn doing little
rock steps to see if there is an escape route out of a
traffic jam and never go against the line of dance.


<<Rito es la danza en tu vida
     y el tango que tu amas
     te  quema en su llama>>
de: Bailarina de tango
por:  Horacio Sanguinetti

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