[Tango-L] Beginners and milongas

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Thu Feb 14 11:19:18 EST 2008

Ah Mash,

You've discovered one of Tango's dirty little secrets - the Tango snob. Yes, my friend, 
they exist everywhere. You're lucky that you live in London and I expect you have lots 
of milongas to choose from. You just have to find those that are friendly and welcoming 
to newcomers of whatever level. But even when you find such a place, don't take it for 
granted that you'll always be welcome. I run a very informal, friendly milonga, the girls 
are great and they'll dance with just about any newcomer. But if your level is low but 
you think it's OK and you show no interest in improving, you'll quickly wear out your 
welcome. But from what you've already written, it's clear that this doesn't apply to you.

As for the "elite club" places - just give them a miss for now. 

Keith, HK

 On Thu Feb 14 18:45 , ""Mash"  sent:

>Is the Milonga of today different from what it was originally, is this "elite club" feeling something new?

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