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Nina Pesochinsky nina at earthnet.net
Wed Feb 13 11:05:56 EST 2008

I am jumping up and down to answer Keith's questions, hoping to beat 
Nancy to it.

First, an example of American Know-how and influence on milongas in Argentina:

Americans brought to Argentina a concept of a milonga that Argentines 
call Milonga Gay.  La Marshall on Wednesday nights is such a 
milonga.  They play good traditional music.  After each tanda or two, 
there is an alternative tanda.  Men can dance with men and women with 
women.  Men can also dance with women and women can lead men.  Anyone 
can invite anyone, verbally or otherwise.  Basically, anything goes.

This is not an Argentine invention.  Milonga Gay is an American 
invention embraced by the Argentines.  La Marshall is super popular 
with lots of great dancers and teachers in attendance.  In the US, 
practically every milonga is Milonga Gay.  So who knows better how to 
create Milonga Gay - Americans or Argentines? :)  I think that the 
Argentines are going to steal the whole concept and then claim that 
it was their invention.

On another note:
Americans think that they are better at teaching tango because they 
become Argentine prior to starting to teach.


At 08:44 AM 2/13/2008, Keith wrote:
>This is exactly what I thought would happen, but hoped wouldn't.
>Americans immediately on the defensive, putting words in my mouth
>and making no attempt to answer my questions.
>Nancy, is there any American alive today who knows more about
>Tango than Oscar Casas? Simple question. And, as I said - he's
>just one example. The real question is, who knows more about
>teaching and dancing Tango - Argentines or Americans?
>Another simple question.
>And, yes I teach. And I do my very best to do it the way many
>Argentines have taught me. I just want to understand why
>Americans think they have a better way of teaching Tango.
>That's all I'm asking. Can anyone answer the question, please.
>Keith, HK
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