[Tango-L] Breaking the "paso basico."

Benoit de Gentile benoit.degentile at iter.org
Tue Feb 12 10:42:44 EST 2008

Le 12/02/08 14:35, « 'Mash » <mashdot at toshine.net> a écrit :

> You fall back onto what you know the best and this basic step sequence must
> have been etched into my head when I first started learning. I am just
> wondering if anyone else has ever experianced this and how they broke out of
> the sequence.
> 'Mash


You can try to play the basic step sequence in the reverse way: when the
"standard" is ahead, go back, when it goes to the right, go to the left, you
can chose to walk on the other foot if you are used to start on the right
foot, start on the left one, you can also try to find how to switch your
steps without disturbing your partner etc.. Spend as much time to these
exercises as you spent to learn the basic steps and you will never think of

I had the same difficulty and by doing all of this above, I succeeded to put
this sequence out of my head. Now, when I am lost, I only think to go ahead
to avoid blocking the milonga and the game starts again, this is my recovery

Benoit [EU]

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