[Tango-L] Breaking the "paso basico."

Tango For Her tangopeer at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 10:07:55 EST 2008

--- Mario <sopelote at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  "" my first 2 months experiance of Tango a year
> ago.    To be honest I know noone who when starting
> Tango is not taught the "paso basico" in some form
> or another.    You fall back onto what you know the
> best and this basic step sequence
>    must have been etched into my head when I first
> started learning.
>  I am just wondering if anyone else has ever
> experianced this and how" they broke out of the
> sequence.""

1. If the basic eight is really taking you eight
beats, there's the first clue.  Add pauses.  That will
give you time to think of how to break out of it.

2. As was stated on other posts, flat out, don't go to
the cross.  That will make you break out of the basic

3. At any step, anywhere, think of 3 things that you
could do.  Three is a great number, because it does
not overload your mind.  You already know one thing to
do ... the thing that you were just about to do. 
Think of two other things to do.  

While you're at it, think of 2 more ways to do it. 
Slower, faster, smaller, bigger, behind the beat, more
staccado, etc.

ALSO, if you are thinking of the basic eight, then you
*might* be thinking in terms of you.  If you think in
terms of your follower, you can come up with things
that do not involve you stepping.  Right in the middle
of the pattern, lead a boleo, a wiggle, a pause, a
rock step, a fake step, etc.  Make it about movement
of one of her feet without moving her other foot. 
That is a segway into making it about her body rather
than steps.

You said that you had broken yourself of this pattern,
so, I am not saying "you", Mario.  I am just saying,
"you", anyone.  Heck!  "You", me!

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