[Tango-L] Breaking the 'paso basico.'

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Tue Feb 12 11:44:50 EST 2008


To break a habit is not difficult - just stop doing it and stop whining. Problem solved. There's nothing 
wrong with the 8-step basic. But if you've been doing it over and over until it became a habit, that's 
obviously wrong - but that's not the fault of the figure. The same would be true of any figure that 
becomes a habit. Do the exercise that I recommended in a previous thread and dance without going 
to the cross and no more resolutions. Your final question -  does anyone knows any brain washing 
techniques ... Good god man, haven't you learned your lesson yet?

Keith, HK

 On Tue Feb 12 19:19 , ""Mash"  sent:

>I am getting frustrated with myself at the moment as I have discovered my first nasty Tango habit. 

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