[Tango-L] Breaking the "paso basico."

Mario sopelote at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 09:25:13 EST 2008

 "" my first 2 months experiance of Tango a year ago.    To be honest I know noone who when starting Tango is not taught the "paso basico" in some form or another.    You fall back onto what you know the best and this basic step sequence

   must have been etched into my head when I first started learning.

 I am just wondering if anyone else has ever experianced this and how" they broke out of the sequence.""

 I am happy to say that as soon as I understood the 'basic 8' (2 weeks), I never again used it.

  It was just too obviously more a handicap to a dance than a help. I think that the key word is 'dance'.

  for that one needs to listen to the music and move with it while feeling it..the key word there is 'feeling'.

  Someone pointed out here how that a Tango can be done without being 'danced' while the Milonga song cannot.

  ..and how it would be best if dancers learned the Milonga before the Tango. That way they would be learning to dance.

    I hope this isn't too far off of the topic. I'm just painting around the difficult problem of dancing the tango,

    instead of doing close order drills. I may be a tangobaby but I've seen too much stilted teaching/learning already

    in both fields of second language learning and oil painting...that 'painting by the numbers' comment was cogent.

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