[Tango-L] Breaking the "paso basico."

Andreas Wichter andreas at tangokombinat.de
Tue Feb 12 08:26:46 EST 2008

Hey Mash,

you are trying to combat one rote learning thing with another. Try to 
just walk. A lot. As much as you can. No sidesteps or backsteps or 
"figures". Weight changes are ok. Walk to the music, which is basically 
what tango is about anyway.You need to get away from the "painting by 
numbers" rubbish completely for it to make any sense even trying.
But it will take some time.


Mash wrote:

I am getting frustrated with myself at the moment as I have discovered 
my first nasty Tango habit.

I have found that when I am nervous my mind blanks itself of any 
variation in steps and defaults to the "paso basico."
The worst thing about this is that I automatically resolve on eight 
totally ruining flow of the dance. I really wish I never learnt the 
damn pattern as I am really struggling to break out of it.

The first thing I am trying to do to break this is to lead an 
"americana" (I believe that is what it is called when you resolve by 
leading a backwards ocho on your side step.) But personally I don't 
like to think in terms of "resolving" as I feel it creates unnecessary 
pauses in thought and dance.

I just want to know if anyone knows any brain washing techniques to rid 
me of this?


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