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Keith keith at tangohk.com
Sun Feb 10 03:39:45 EST 2008


First of all, thank you for posting this video of Noelia Hurtado & Pablo Rodriguez. It's absolutely 
beautiful and a great example of the wonderful young dancers that Argentina continues to produce. 
They dance so effortlessly, it's a joy to watch. God, I wish I were young again :-). 

But your question, and the reply by Ming Mar raises the interesting question of how to describe, 
or write down Tango steps. For simple figures, it's very easy to write down the man's and lady's 
individual steps and examples of that method are given here:


But, beyond beginner level, it becomes less useful - not to mention too time-consuming. The method 
I use is to describe a sequence in terms of the basic elements of Walking, Front Cross, Back Cross 
and Giros. So the beginning of the dance in the video, I might describe as follows:

1,2. LF side, RF close to change to crossed feet.
3,4. Walk O/P, left side. LF and RF.
5,6. LF close to change to parallel feet and RF fwd O/P right side.
7,8. Lady RF Back Cross, turning 180. Man follows with LF, RF fwd changing to crossed feet.
9.    LF fwd.
10-14. Man's Giro to left - RF side, LF back, RF side, LF fwd and RF side. 
15. Man replaces LF. Now facing original LOD.
During man's steps 10-15, the lady will do 4 Back Crosses, RF, LF, RF and LF.
Walk out in crossed feet, RF, O/P right side.

I hope this helps.

Keith, HK

 On Fri Feb  8 23:54 , Mario  sent:

>Can someone give me a description of the first 13 steps taken by the lead
>   in this tango opening.
>  http://www.youtube.com/watch\?v=xIYW7uzNGdg

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