[Tango-L] For Mario

Ming Mar ming_mar at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 10 01:34:12 EST 2008

Mario asks for a description of the first 13 steps or
so in a Youtube video entitled "Noelia Hurtado & Pablo
Rodriguez en Practica X." This is the first time I've
analyzed a video.

Time 22 sec.
Steps 1, 2, 3.) Man: Left side, right close, left
forward to the closed side (man's right, woman's
left). Woman: Right side, left back. (Cross system.)

Time 27 sec.
4, 5, 6.) Man: Right forward to the side of the
woman's foot, left close, right forward to the open
side (chest twisted toward the right). Woman: Right
back, left back. (Parallel system.)

Time 28 sec.
7, 8, 9.) This is a mix of rear ocho and calesita. She
is doing a rear ocho but the reason why she's pivoting
is because the man is going around her. Man: Pivot
approximately a half turn on the right foot, left
side, right forward, left forward. Woman: Pivot on
left foot, right back (cross system), left back.

Time 30 sec.
10, 11, 12, 13.) Again a mix of ocho and calesita.
Here the man does a turn (giro) around the woman while
the woman steps back and does a rear ocho. Man: Right
side & pivot & twist body & opening up the "v"
embrace, left back, right side, left front. Woman:
Right back, pivot, left back.

Time 32 sec.
14, 15.) Man: Pivot on left foot and close with right
foot, left side.  Woman: Cross right foot behind left
foot, cross left foot behind right foot.

Time 37 sec.
16, 17, 18, 19.) Man: Right forward (a little to the
open side), left forward, right forward, left forward.
Woman: Right back and left cross in front of right in
one beat (parallel system), right back, left back,
right back.

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