[Tango-L] Youtube help - Let's discuss WALKING

Mario sopelote at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 10 12:36:48 EST 2008

Many thanks to Ming Mar for the time and care you took in deconstructing
   the moves in the Pablo Rodriguez video.  It is very helpful. 
    Also, thank you Keith for your taking the time to translate into the form you did.
     I had found that same website showing step descriptions but just couldn't grok it
      for some reason.  Maybe I'm too mid-brained or something. I will take another look.
  Anyway, your new mission..should you choose to accept it, 
   is to post a video of an example of good walking and what can be done by just walking.
    Here is one that just landed in my Youtube acct. and is only musicality and walking.
      I have always felt that if the beginning leader, could be just shown how to navigate
      laps of the dance floor with only walking and a 'feel' for the music,  that beginning
       to learn the tango lead would be much more enjoyable and less freightening.
  I would like to start a thread that discusses walking and all of its many variations 
   and challenges, including little tips for navigating the corners and changes from
    one walk to another... Also, which moves/figures are best done coming off which
     types of walks..ie: inside, outside parallel, right side, left side,  crossed or parallel.
   I have often been rivited by the outside parallel walking on the follower's left side.
   I noticed that it is usually done just before a corner has to be navigated and it
   then helps in making the turn and is quickly dropped for a more conventional 
    walking position.. little notes like this are so interesting to me.I hope that they 
     are for others too and that we can talk about walking and walking and walking.

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