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Trini y Sean (PATangoS) patangos at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 7 17:51:12 EST 2008

Videos can hide the truth in both directions.  I've seen
videos where the person comes across much better than they
actually are.  The best way to get information is to talk
with people and do the homework.  This is what the smart
consumer should be doing.

--- "Chris, UK" <tl2 at chrisjj.com> wrote:

> I guess you use that veto only against your absolutely
> worst teachers...

I don't have bad teachers here.  It's my job to make sure
they are good teachers, so I give them the info and
feedback they need to do the best job they can.  Each
community or event has its own set of needs, learning
styles, etc. and the organizer is in charge of the whole
shebang.  So the failure of a teacher could be greatly
influenced by the failure of organizer to do his/her job. 
Three minutes of a video isn't going to reflect that and
could unfairly reflect the teacher.

But there's also a matter of respect.  I think few people
truly understand how difficult it can be for traveling
instructors.  They have to teach 20-50 strangers and 
connect with them in the first 15 minutes.  And if they're
not feeling well, they still work on.  Christina Ladas was
not feeling well when she and Homer taught here last year. 
She skipped the Saturday milonga so that she could still
teach the Sunday classes.  She waited until Monday to
finally see the doctor, only to find out that her kidneys
were at 7% functionality.  She wanted to be at the
workshops for the students - exactly like so many
instructors.  They are simply incredibly giving.

I have enormous respect for the work visiting instructors
do.  The traveling, the changing sleeping conditions,
inconsistent eating patterns, the unfamiliarity of a place
far from home.  I remember how pleased one instructor was
when she discovered that we had the same coffee mugs that
she had at home.  It gave her a little bit of home while
she was living out of suitcase for several months.  When
they work, they give it their all.  And they've earned the
right for their work to not be misused.

Trini de Pittsburgh

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