[Tango-L] Funniest Tango Video

Chris, UK tl2 at chrisjj.com
Thu Feb 7 06:26:00 EST 2008

> [this teacher] has an aggressive personality and it pervades his
> teaching style. If you want a soft fuzzy type of teacher, don't attend

Good advice. For the the prospective student making that decision, videos 
such as this can greatly reduce the frustration of researching the hard way.

Trini wrote:

> I've announced in workshops that I host that posting review demos online
> without permission from the instructors and myself is a big no-no.

I guess you use that veto only against your absolutely worst teachers...

I think YouTube could be the best thing to happen to class teaching in 
years. Especially when teachers (good and bad) start showing video samples 
on their own sites.


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