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I agree with tangopeer below. 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. The  
video is not beautiful but certainly educational. Abusive?? I really don't see  
it.  Metin  has an aggressive personality and it pervades his teaching  
style. If you want a soft fuzzy type of teacher, don't attend his workshops. It  
would be great to ask the opinion of the woman in the video. I'm sure somebody  
recognizes her or actually attended the workshop.
The demonstration on the video in a workshop environment is appropriate; in a 
 milonga ridiculous. I would describe what I saw on the video as 
'aggressively  playful.' To those folks who deplore the word aggression I understand all 
the  negative commentaries. I hope you will not respond with an 'aggressive 
attack'  on my opinion! I have feelings as well and even Metin possesses the 
same! Smile  and Relaxxxxxxxxx. It's not all that serious! Si o  No?

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I see a  woman having fun with her partner.
I see contribution.  Good or or not so good?   That's
subjective.  But, I see contribution.
Look for the positive and you will learn to see the
Many of us, out here, learn from watching new dancers,
bad dancers and  dancers that don't dance like us.  
I see contribution.
I see no abuse.
You see?
--- "Chris, UK" <_tl2 at chrisjj.com_ (mailto:tl2 at chrisjj.com) > wrote:
> > As the title makes clear, this is the summation of
> a  workshop, 
> The title does no such thing. And if you've
>  experienced this teacher's 
> classes, you'll know this stuff is  unfortunately not
> confined to the end.
> Regardless, the  ultimate summation of any workshop
> is its contribution to 
> the  students' development. What sort of contribution
> do you think is made  
> by an hour spent copying a teacher abusing a girl?
>  > I have danced with two of you critics.
> And I have danced  with the teacher being criticised.
> --
> Chris
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