[Tango-L] "Funniest Tango Video" certainly educational....

desdelasnubes@web.de desdelasnubes at web.de
Sat Feb 2 06:44:09 EST 2008

Dan wrote:
> The  video is not beautiful but certainly educational. Abusive?? I really don't see  
> it.  Metin  has an aggressive personality and it pervades his teaching  
> style. If you want a soft fuzzy type of teacher, don't attend his workshops. 
[...] I would describe what I saw on the video as 
> 'aggressively  playful.' To those folks who deplore the word aggression I understand all 
> the  negative commentaries. I hope you will not respond with an 'aggressive 
> attack'  on my opinion! I have feelings as well and even Metin possesses the 
> same! Smile  and Relaxxxxxxxxx. 

Dear followers,
You enjoy to follow an aggressive lead?
You anxiously hail the fusion of tango with martial arts and kickboxing?
When dancing you welcome the opportunity to extend your leg 
to proudly present your bruises like a decoration won in the battlefield?
Smile and Relaxxxxxxx.
You will find adequate partners to dance with.
Just pick the right workshops and attentively watch the dance floor.
It's all up to you! Make your choice ;)

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