krb5: German translation

Chris Leick c.leick at
Fri Apr 8 02:16:08 EDT 2016

Hi Mark,

Mark Pröhl:
> Rick van Rein wrote:

> > msgid "\t-T armor credential cache\n" msgstr "\t-T gehärteter
> > Anmeldedatenzwischenspeicher\n"
> > 
> > I think "armor" is meant as a verb, not as an adjective?
> An armor cache is an credential cache that provides an additional
> security layer to Kerberos exchanges on the network (AS-REQ/AS-REP),
> right?
> "gehärteter Anmeldedatenzwischenspeicher" would translate to "hardened
> credential cache", i.e. a ccache with some additional security layer.
> I think that would be misleading.

What is your suggestion?


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