Old Altman Demo Code?

Henry B (Hank) Hotz, CISSP hotz at 2ndquadrant.com
Sun Sep 7 18:06:00 EDT 2014

Thanks a lot!

What I want is a point of (source) comparison. There’s an application which does not achieve cross-compatibility, even though I had them use your/Microsoft’s example as a starting point. Want to understand what went wrong. 

On Sep 5, 2014, at 9:42 AM, Jeffrey Altman <jaltman at secure-endpoints.com> wrote:

> On 9/4/2014 9:48 PM, Henry B (Hank) Hotz, CISSP wrote:
>> Jeffrey Altman once wrote some demo programs to illustrate on-the-wire compatibility of GSSAPI and SSPI tokens. I remember the URL had web.mit.edu and ~altman in it, but not enough else.
> The gss-sample is/was part of the MIT krb5 distribution in
> src/appl/gss-sample.
> Microsoft took that code and modified it work against the SSPI and then
> published it on their web site with the MIT license removed.
> The code in the athena.mit.edu user.jaltman volume was the code that
> Microsoft published modified to build with both Microsoft SSPI and MIT gss.
> I have not checked whether the gss-sample is still in the current MIT
> krb5 distribution and if so whether it is the code that Microsoft
> modified or not.
> The Microsoft modified code is posted on kerberos.org at
>  http://www.kerberos.org/software/samples/ms_samples_security_sspi_gss.zip
> In any case, Martin Rex's gsskrb5 is a much better testing tool than
> gss-sample ever was.  It too is available from kerberos.org
>  http://www.kerberos.org/software/samples/gsskrb5/
> Jeffrey Altman

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