Old Altman Demo Code?

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at secure-endpoints.com
Fri Sep 5 12:42:44 EDT 2014

On 9/4/2014 9:48 PM, Henry B (Hank) Hotz, CISSP wrote:
> Jeffrey Altman once wrote some demo programs to illustrate on-the-wire compatibility of GSSAPI and SSPI tokens. I remember the URL had web.mit.edu and ~altman in it, but not enough else.

The gss-sample is/was part of the MIT krb5 distribution in

Microsoft took that code and modified it work against the SSPI and then
published it on their web site with the MIT license removed.

The code in the athena.mit.edu user.jaltman volume was the code that
Microsoft published modified to build with both Microsoft SSPI and MIT gss.

I have not checked whether the gss-sample is still in the current MIT
krb5 distribution and if so whether it is the code that Microsoft
modified or not.

The Microsoft modified code is posted on kerberos.org at


In any case, Martin Rex's gsskrb5 is a much better testing tool than
gss-sample ever was.  It too is available from kerberos.org


Jeffrey Altman

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