DNS server hangs in/after gss_indicate_mechs call on Windows with krb5-1.9 libs

Elzey, Blaine A (Blaine) blaine.elzey at alcatel-lucent.com
Fri Feb 25 12:07:14 EST 2011

Replacing the Krb5-1.9 libs (4 dll files) with the krb5-1.6 libs works great with the same machine and config.  Are there threading issues with Krb5 1.9 on Windows?  It almost seems like a deadlock issue.  I built using the 1.9 source, ran "make -f Makefile.in kerbsrc.zip" on Unix, then nmake on Windows 2008 with MS Visual Studio 2010.  Also tried nmake NODEBUG=1, same result.


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