thoughts/issues making MIT krb code fit for drop-in to Solaris

Will Fiveash William.Fiveash at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 19 20:36:18 EDT 2008

On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 03:36:04PM -0400, Tom Yu wrote:
> Will, thank you for your efforts in assembling this summary.  It is
> valuable input toward updating development priorities for the Kerberos
> Consortium's development efforts.
> Will Fiveash <William.Fiveash at Sun.COM> writes:
> > To help understand what this entails, the following is a list of various
> > differences between the MITKC and Solaris mech_krb5/libkrb5 source code.
> Are these in priority order?  I suspect that I would choose a
> different priority ordering based on information I currently have from
> sponsors and other interested parties, but I am open to additional
> suggestions.

I was thinking about size of changes when ordering the list, not
priority.  Sun will need most if not all of these things taken care of
before libkrb5 can be a Solaris drop-in.  Now I understand that these
items will probably be separate MITKC projects but until they're all
done, Sun will still have to do some amount of resync/merge work to pull
that libkrb5 into Open Solaris.

[comments deleted]

> > Thoughts as to whether this goal is achievable and on an approach if so?
> I think it is a good goal to make MIT krb5 suitable for drop-in use in
> Solaris.  I think we can best accomplish this by taking as many of the
> Solaris changes as are suitable and making them useful on a
> cross-platform basis, and collaborate on making the code converge in
> places where we need to resolve significant differences.  This can
> also help other vendors of MIT krb5 if we are careful, so that many
> people can benefit.
> Having a prioritized list of the desired changes would be helpful, and
> knowing any relevant time constraints would also be useful.  I expect
> to evaluate Sun's suggestions in more detail in the near future,
> probably in separate message threads on this mailing list.

Sounds good.  We should come up with a plan as to how to implement this
along with the other MITKC objectives.

Will Fiveash
Sun Microsystems Inc.

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