pkinit kinit/krb5.conf naming inconsistencies

Marcus Watts mdw at
Thu Sep 18 15:11:35 EDT 2008

"Henry B. Hotz" <hotz at> wrote:
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> Subject: Re: pkinit kinit/krb5.conf naming inconsistencies
> If I might make a related, strategic suggestion:  If you allocated  
> some resources to quick review of unsolicited contributions, you would  

I'm not sure this is completely related, but I recently posted a number of
"unsolicited contributions" to RT, and I had another one that's been in
RT for over a year now (#5667)--it now predates several recent strategic changes.
I think an even more critical reason than 'good will' to review
contributions there is that it's a cheap way to identify code

We at have run a patched MIT k5 since it was first rolled out,
in 2000.  There is definite interest here in not running those patches,
and that means finding a way for equivalents to those patches to be in
MIT.  Now, a lot of those patches aren't needed anymore; we had a lot of
changes to maintain better continuity with kaserver and K4; we no longer
care about those.  Also it looks like MIT is finally making a significant
effort to support nearly realtime incremental replication which removes
the need for our largest single change.  That still leaves a number of
patches, of varying importance and size, that need to be resolved.

					-Marcus Watts

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