kerberos preauthentication IIS

Stephen Ince since at
Wed Nov 12 07:01:22 EST 2008

I am using MIT KFW 3.22 on win XP. I have a httpclient that connects to an 
IIS server/using kerberos 5.  I am able to successfully connect when IIS 
enables preauth. I fail when IIS disables preauth. I used ethereal and it 
looks the http client does get a NON preauth token. I have done some reading 
and it looks IIS may not support kerberos 5 with non preauth. It looks like 
it has to kerberos 4.  It looks like IE always uses preauth and may switch 
to kerberos 4 for NON preauth.

Is there a flag of setting in krb5.ini to switch to kerberos 4 for non 


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