kerberos preauthentication IIS

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 12 09:46:48 EST 2008

Hi.  You posted this message previously.  I guess you did not get a
response.  First, you're posting to the wrong place; krbdev at is
for de.development discussions of MIT Kerberos.  You're not really
talking about how to write code for Kerberos; you're more talking
about how to use the product.  That discussion belongs on
kerberos at

However, I can also explain why I at least did not answer your
question.  As far as I know, IIS does not do pre-authentication--I
mean that in the sense that I cannot think of anything that IIS would
be doing that would be called pre-authentication.  There is something
Kerberos does that is called pre-authentication, but that doesn't fit
well into your question.


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