Initial comments request: AEAD Encryption API

Luke Howard lhoward at MIT.EDU
Sat Nov 8 07:58:27 EST 2008

On 07/11/2008, at 4:12 AM, Ken Raeburn wrote:

> On Nov 5, 2008, at 20:49, Sam Hartman wrote:
>>   Nicolas> A revision [to RFC 3961] certainly seems likely to be  
>> needed.
>> Both this and a spec for the protocol level details of what  
>> Microsoft has done are out of scope for what Luke and I are funded  
>> to do.
>> I don't know if the EU filings from Microsoft contain details on  
>> this.
> Certainly I understand not updating the RFC as part of the contract  
> work.  But at the IETF perhaps we should consider it.
> Some reference for the MS protocol is important if we want to be  
> able to evaluate the code, fix any bugs that may come up later,  
> figure out if we can extend it to new cryptosystems, etc.   
> Otherwise, going forward, maintaining code that has to conform to  
> specs we don't have will be a major pain.  I wouldn't expect you  
> guys to write new protocol docs, but if Luke's got a pointer to  
> documentation someplace, it would be good to put it into either the  
> doc tree or comments in the source.

In the Microsoft protocol documentation, see [MS-KILE]  
GSS_WrapEx() and friends.

Unfortunately, there are bugs in the documentation, particularly with  
respect to the handling of RRC in RFC 4121 (indeed, that appears to be  
a bug in Windows). We can but best document in the code.

-- Luke

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