Work Session: How does MIT Kerberos Work

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Sun Jan 6 16:54:09 EST 2008

The technical staff of the consortium have been holding work sessions
Tuesdays from 11 to 4 US/Eastern.  The idea is that we all get into a
single room and rather than having a meeting, we work.  Often groups
of people will end up working together on a single project.  The goal
is to create an environment where team members can easily ask
questions and as we bring in new staff where we can help them learn to
work with our team and processes.

People can work on whatever they want, although it's not uncommon for
themes of work to emerge.  For example the week before our first board
meeting, no one was surprised when we spent time reviewing each
others' presentations.

This Tuesday, I' m hoping we can spend some time continuing to work on
putting together policies and guidance for MIT Kerberos in the hopes
of making it easier for people to contribute and increasing
transparency.  Much of the work will take place on

We'd be delighted if other interested parties would took the time to
help join us.  Those who are familiar with our processes could help
document them.  Those who would like to be involved but don't know how
could prioritize what needs to be written/decided.  Those who have e
experience with code review or other quality management processes
could help us create process tools to use.

Of course if you can't make it Tuesday, you can always contribute.  If
  it would be valuable we could create a jabber room or even a phone
  bridge for the event.  It may be that mailing lists and the wiki
  will be enough though.

Topic areas include:

* Helping to define roles in the project
* Describing how to conduct code reviews and what we're trying to get out of   them
*  Setting targets for coding style
* Documenting API and ABI stability guidelines
* Documenting testing guidelines  for new features
* Guidelines for what platform-specific features we take
* Policy for adopting policies

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