k5wiki.kerberos.org content approved

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Sun Jan 6 17:00:28 EST 2008

Folks, I'm pleased to announce that at one of our December release
meetings we approved the content of k5wiki.kerberos.org as a starting
direction.  The main thing that gives us as a project management
policy, a realese pullup policy and dispute resolution guidelines.

At that meeting some concerns were raised about the choice of
Mediawiki.  As you will recall when I proposed Mediawiki as software
to use, I said that we would not be using Confluence, which was
supported as a Wiki service for the rest of the organization.  That
statement was based on some assumptions about how Confluence worked
and about how we were running the service that turned out not to be

Today, we're still using Mediawiki.  However we do plan to transition
the content to Confluence, probably after I return from paternity

I realize that's not ideal.  However I felt that it was more important
to actually get used to documenting our processes, having group
editable versions of project proposals, etc sooner rather than later.
I did not feel that we could complete the transition and integrate the
tool into what we do both before I leave.  I chose to prioritize
integrating the tool over the transition.

Before Tuesday I plan to update the policy templates to make it clear
that existing policies are actually approved, etc.

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