Kadm and KfW

Guus Leeuw jr. guus.leeuw at guusleeuwit.com
Thu May 31 17:28:53 EDT 2007

       The build process through bkw.pl is not as intuitive as one would
hope it would be... So, after a lot of struggle, I managed to download the
svn-based pismire (???) sources for krb5, and got bkw.pl to at least start
cl.exe ;) Now then, this one is complaining about something (!) yet it only
says exit code 0x80... Not very helpful... Is there anyway other then
/verbose and /v to make bkw.pl babble a whole lot of stuff, and make
consequently cl.exe babble in the same amount?
       It could be down to the INCLUDE settings in my env, however without
output I am not too sure ;)
       Also, are there any thoughts to create a build process from within
Visual Studio (2005)?
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       > Subject: Re: Kadm and KfW
       > On May 23, 2007, at 9:27, Guus Leeuw jr. wrote:
       > > is anybody working on a port of the kadm5 library to the Windows
       > > platform?
       > >
       > > If not, could a company pinch in and do a port like that,
       > > the port as
       > > such will be part of the License under which MIT Kerberos is
       > > delivered, or
       > > would there be any objections against that?
       > There isn't any work happening in that area that I'm aware of.  We
       > talk about wanting to eventually have the whole package work on
       > Windows, including a Windows-hosted KDC, but we haven't scheduled
       > any
       > actual work on it just yet.
       > We'd be glad to get patches contributed under such terms, sure.  No
       > promises about integrating them without seeing the changes first,
       > course; and it would probably be best if you work closely with us
       > determining the changes needed.  There are probably a lot of POSIX
       > assumptions made in the kadm5 or rpc code or elsewhere, and maybe
       > use
       > of symbols exported from other libraries on UNIX but not part of
       > official public ABI or the non-UNIX export lists (and thus subject
       > to
       > removal from the export list on UNIX, and not to be added without
       > careful consideration on Windows or Mac).
       > Ken
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