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Kevin Koch kpkoch at MIT.EDU
Thu May 31 18:10:22 EDT 2007

Guus --

There are many parts of that wouldn't fit neatly into Visual Studio.
A closer candidate build system is ant, but that is a whole other
discussion. and the makefiles are supposed to set up the include paths, so that's
not it.

It is not yet documented that must be run from the same disk drive as
the sources you fetch and intend to compile.

If that isn't the problem, please add -vverbose and -log <logfile> and send
me <logfile>.

Also, let's drop krbdev from this topic and move it to kfwdev.

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       The build process through is not as intuitive as one would
hope it would be... So, after a lot of struggle, I managed to download the
svn-based pismire (???) sources for krb5, and got to at least start
cl.exe ;) Now then, this one is complaining about something (!) yet it only
says exit code 0x80... Not very helpful... Is there anyway other then
/verbose and /v to make babble a whole lot of stuff, and make
consequently cl.exe babble in the same amount?
       It could be down to the INCLUDE settings in my env, however without
output I am not too sure ;)
       Also, are there any thoughts to create a build process from within
Visual Studio (2005)?

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